Trout breeding

Trout Farming

The initial capital for trout breeding can reach $333,000 during the year 1. $9,000 is the invested capital only; $324,000 loan is expected.

The estimated gross profit of this business will be $2,500. The financial investments in the amount of $1,000 per acre can result into the return of 25%.

It is interesting to know that, according to statistics, about 70% of fisheries are working with intermediaries. The main drawback of this business is a relatively long payback period (about 3 years). 

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Supplies $3,000
Personnel $2,000
Property $1,500
Other $90,000
36 payback

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Trout is considered to be one of the most expensive fish on the market. Its meat is so highly appreciated due to the fact it takes a plenty of efforts to breed it appropriately.

Another excellent opportunity to replenish the budget management is to offer fishing at a reasonable fee. This activity is able to make 5 - 6% of sales (30 - 40 tons of fish can be sold annually thanks to this idea).

Another option to distribute expenditures is as suggested below:
- centralized procurement – $250 - 300;
- personnel salaries – $700;
- the purchase of forage – up to $200;
- other costs – up to $500.
So, the total expenditures vary from $1,500 - 2,000 (for the tiny trout farming).

Recirculation aquaculture systems are more popular, thus more expensive. To organize trout breeding with the help of such system, you may need about $100,000. But it is also quite effective and profitable.

The advantage of applying special technologies to the whole process is the incremental control of the breeding. On the average, a company based on recirculation aquaculture system approach to trout breeding can produce up to 10 tons of trout per year. At an average cost of $9 - $10 per kg, you can count on annual revenue of $100,000.

The selling price for this business is usually $4.5/2 pounds (excluding VAT).

Its growth is determined by two main factors: water temperature and oxygenation. The condition of the water reservoir’s entire biological system, the acidity level (pH) and many other issues also influence the trout’s health.

The optimum water temperature for trout breeding is 16 - 19 degrees Celsius.

The larger the fish, the more it is in demand on the market. The optimal weight of trout varies from 1,8 to 2,2 lb.

The cycle of growing trout is 2.5 years. However, the trout can be sold in a year and a half, when it reaches a weight of at least 0,7 lb.

To sum up, it is risky to launch a fish farming business if you expect a stable profit. It is better to start with the organization of paid fishing.!aquarium-breeding-refugiums

The application of intensive technologies allows you to get up to 1000 quintals of fish per hectare. To solve this issue, contact manufacturers and suppliers of fish farmingaquaculture equipment and aeration and oxygenation equipment. You will surely need a piece of automation to produce fish for marketing.

First, decide on whether to choose fresh water or salt water supplies. Then, select a pond stocking program to enhance trout fishing possibilities in public waters throughout the state.

Trout farming may be pursued as a large-scale operation requiring intensive capital, and automation to produce fish for marketing to restaurants, supermarkets, fish processors, and fee fishing operations. It will require the farmer to intensely monitor the operation of the hatchery and keep up-to-date production records. A huge production means purchasing egg incubators, aerators, blower system, air diffuser, generator, feeder, disinfectant tank, hauling tank, grading and sorting tools, scales, and delivery trucks. 

The main equipment used in the business of growing and farming the fish is a gravity filter. Its main purpose is to filter the pond.

Base tanks, breeding traps, air pumps, nets and another sort of equipment may be selected with respect to the business size and location.

Pay attention to the grading machine you choose. The size of your fish and its meat / eggs quality depends on the class of such machines. So, look through the list of basic equipment:

Fish egg grading machine - $10,000 – 17,000;

Feed extruder machine - $50,000 - $300,000;

Air pumps – less than $10;

Water pumps - $25 – 200;

Sterilizers – around $50;

Cleaners and changers - $40 – 60;

Various system controllers – $100 – 250;

Filters – up to $100.

The main expenditure of trout breeding business is feeding the fish. It accounts for 50 - 60% of all costs. Raw materials have never been so expensive before. Actually, the forage is not that pricey, but the quantity required might be vast. It is recommended to treat your fish with the high-protein nutritious forage which protein content is not less than 26 - 28%, while the fat level has to be around - 5-7%. Such feed approach is the most effective, although it is more expensive than a conventional one (by 20%).

On the whole, feeding the trout is the most difficult part: it is necessary to purchase only quality German forage. Whenever you choose cheap fodder, you receive a white meat. But the customers are used to the red. Just mind it.

Spending at least 2 lb on the feed for your fish will pay back with the trout’s weight gain of the same 2 lb.

German forage – around $2 per 2 lb;

Low-quality forage - $0.9 per 2 lb;

Planting material - $10 per 2 lb.


There are two species of trout that can be cultivated in ponds:
- brook trout (rodents),
- rainbow trout.

Speaking about natural conditions, the trout is basically bred in rivers and lakes. There are also farms planting trout in sea water. Trout needs clean water so running water is best for it. If you can't manage to get running water then keep a close eye and change whenever you feel it is getting little dirty.

In any case, you’ll need to consult experts to determine whether the selected pond is suitable for further trout breeding. It may necessitate the construction of a hatch house. 

It is advised to maintain trout in a career with the depth of at least four meters since the water temperature never rises above 16 degrees at this level even during the summer heat. Many trout ponds are arranged on the cold flowing streams, or suck water from rivers or artesian wells.

Any pond with the area of 5 hectares is enough to produce 10 tons of trout. “A Golden Rule” of this business is that the bigger water reservoir is, the easier it is to breed fish there. The temperature is more even in a large pool, which is favorable for all fish. It is preferable to purchase a drained pond: it will greatly facilitate the process of trapping during the fall season.

The trout life is held in special cages of nylon mesh three by three meter-sized. They are placed within long welded construction.

You may also want to breed your trout in the channel. Then, make sure its length is more than 300 meters.

The reservoirs of natural origin are often picked for trout breeding. They include:
* feeding-type pond;
* nursery pond;
* pond for spawning;
* wintering pond.


The “must-have” staff in fish breeding industry consists of:

the guard;

fish feeder;

pond cleaner;

manager / owner.

You can hire some specialists later. In addition, you need the permission and license to use the local water resources. The resolution of doing business in the field of fisheries is also desirable. 

The salary of your watchmen will be only $1,000 per year (for each). They don’t have to work 24/7.

As for the permission and license, don’t worry: they are issued according to the overall conditions and treatment of the reservoir you have chosen for your trout. All of the trout farming operations are subject to inspection by government personnel, so be aware.

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