We Provide

Existing Wall Plan

This plan is generated with AutoCAD software using the measurements provided by the customer. All existing conditions will be confirmed prior to beginning the layout of the floor plan for your start-up coffee shop.

Floor Plan

After the initial conversations regarding the menu and concept for your new cafe, we will layout the Floor Plan. The traffic flow of customers and the workflow of employees will be major key factors in the planning for your new coffee business.

New Wall Plan

The New Wall Plan will include dimensions for any new wall locations as well as new doorways and window locations. All measurements will be based off the previously confirmed Existing Wall Plan

Penetration Plan

The Floor Penetration Plan shows in color where drains and utilities will penetrate the floor in relationship to the equipment needed in your new coffee shop start-up.

Penetration Dims

The Penetration Dimension Plan dimensions the location of floor drains, electrical and water stub-ups. Coffee brewers, espresso machines, ice machines and sinks will all have the proper requirements listed.

Elevations & Sections

The Elevations provide a front view of your foodservice equipment and custom cabinetry. Both the kitchen and service counter areas will be included. Dimensions of the cabinetry and counter heights will also be noted.

Plumbing & Electrical

The plumbing and electrical requirements for each piece of equipment are shown individually on 8.5" X 11" pages. An easy to follow booklet is then compiled for your general contractor.

Equipment Specs

The equipment specification sheets are provided for each piece of equipment on your floor plan and quote. The features and benefits for each equipment item are used in both price and size comparisons.


The equipment and cabinetry quote includes an itemized list and corresponding price for all foodservice equipment, furniture and custom cabinetry. Each item on the quote will correspond with the Floor Plan and Equipment Specifications.

What We Do

We deal only with certified business experts and native speakers! Our business plan professionals possess the broad analytical business knowledge combined with excellent English language. Their experience in marketing, management, HR, PR, and other related areas leaves no doubt. No matter what industry you’re going to operate, our business writing team will cope with all of the difficulties you might face.

After all, we follow all of the market fluctuations and innovations to consult you on any business issues. Most of our experts have MBA or PhD degrees from such colleges and universities as Yale, Harvard, Wharton, Sheffield, CalTech, Cornell, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, and Chicago. In addition, our team can help you with accounting reports, financial modeling, market research, SWOT & PEST, KPI development, FDA & regulatory issues, etc.

As a result, you will receive an effective business plan that will become the roadmap for your business success.

Remember, only with a business plan written professionally you can persuade banks and other potential sponsors to invest in the business you are planning to create.



  • Professional business plan in .doc format
  • Accurate execution

What is not included

  • Product design
  • Logo design